The Pittsburgh Penguins are a professional hockey team that plays in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Hockey League. The Pittsburgh Penguins franchise was established in 1967 after the first NHL expansion from 6 to 12 teams. The Pittsburgh Penguins can claim 3 Stanley Cups including the 2008-09 season Stanley Cup. The Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys have changed quite a bit since the start of the franchise, First the Penguins jerseys were blue and yellow and featured a skating penguin. Then the penguin was taken off skates so that he appeared to be flying, later a decsion was made that all of the Pittsburgh Professional Sports teams should look unified so the team changed its colors to black and gold and finally in the most recent changes the Penguin was given his skates back. Although the look of the Pittsburgh Penguins has changed the skill on the Pittsburgh Penguins roster has remained constant. Notable former Pittsburgh Penguins players include: Andy Bathgate, Tim Horton, and Larry Murphy. Buy Pittsburgh Penguins Tickets today and watch as the new Pittsburgh Penguins roster skates out with the latest Pittsburgh Penguins jerseys in Mellon Arena!


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