The Pittsburgh Steelers are an NFL football team that play in the Northern Division of the American Football League. The Pittsburgh Steelers, founded in 1933, have won 6 Super Bowl Titles, 7 AFC Championship Games and have hosted 10 Conference Championship Games more than any other NFC or AFC team. The Pittsburgh Steelers made Super Bowl appearances in 1974, 75, 78, 79, 2005 and 08. The Pittsburgh Steelers roster has included some championship players as well, like "Mean" Joe Green, Terry Bradshaw, Chuck Noll, Lynn Swan and Mike Webster. Along with a great Pittsburgh Steelers roster the Pittsburgh Steelers fan base, "Steelers Nation" has been ranked as the best fan base in the NFL by ESPN. Pittsburgh Steelers fans have an unheard of 299 consecutive sell-out streak. The Pittsburgh Steelers fans made the rally towel popular with the Pittsburgh Steelers "Terrible Towel" that fans carry and wave at games. The "Terrible Towel" and the Pittsburgh Steelers fan base has become so well known that it has made appearances on Saturday Night Live and was taken to the peak of Mount Everest. But all of the fan support and towel waving would be pointless if the Pittsburgh Steelers were not one of the best football teams in the NFL, buy Pittsburgh Steelers tickets today and be in the stands as this season's Steelers Nation takes on the competition!


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